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Information on hazardous materials

This web-site of the Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) contains information on hazardous materials which originates in the two series of handbooks »Guidebook for emergency response to hazardous materials incidents« and »Manual for response to hazardous materials incidents«. The contents of the latest editions of the handbooks have been transferred into a database version with assistance from Steria.

The web-site has three parts:

Basic information
It gives explanation to apparent information about danger, which can be seen on user-containers containing hazardous materials, or which can be seen on trucks carrying dangerous goods.

Information system on hazardous materials
It gives access to the content of the handbooks supplemented with facilities for search offering improved user-friendliness and possibilities for printing.

It contains general information and links to other relevant web-sites.

This page is the only page in english on this web-site. The rest of the pages are in danish only.

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